Solstice-09-489x368Burr! Are you cold enough yet and wishing for more sunshine in your life? Good news!

The New Moon in Capricorn/ Winter Solstice is the midwinter marker for the shortest day and longest night of the year. After that point, there is gradually more sunlight every day till it’s peak at the Summer Solstice.┬áIn a symbolic sense, this time of year is when the Goddess once again becomes the Great Mother and gives birth to the new son-king who will re-fertilize her and the earth, bringing back light and warmth to the world.

Traditionally, this is time to spend with family and friends feasting, singing, dancing and being around the fire giving thanks for life and renewal. Taking time to honor the Mother through immersing oneself in nature is also beneficial, not only to give thanks for the beauty and bounty of the planet, but to recharge our batteries with the sleeping trees and the cold crisp exhilarating air of Winter.

Although we may wish for the return of the summer sun, don’t rush it! This is a powerful time that we don’t want to skip through as it is necessary to have some quiet dark-moon time to compose our goals and plan for the lunar month and even year ahead. During the winter solstice or ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ there springs the new spark of hope and the Sacred Fire that will carry us to our deepest longings. However there can be no light without the dark…

So take full advantage of the power available now as this is the ultimate time to recommit to the dreams of our hearts. The highest energetic expression of a New Moon in Capricorn is to let nothing stop us from following that which we truly feel passionate about. Here are some questions to contemplate…

Ask yourself- What do I feel most passionately about building in 2015?

Where am I still procrastinating?

What is my relationship to time? Am I trying so hard to get where I want to go that I’m forgetting to breathe in the beauty of life?

How do I still allow guilt and fear to hold me back ?

Asking the right questions and deeply pondering the direction of our lives this time of year can lead us where we’ve never before dreamed to go…and what a better time to sit with it than wrapped up in a cozy blanket while the winter winds howl.