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“Astrology is a path to self-knowledge. Its primary advantage is speed. In a matter of a few hours a level of awareness can be reached that might otherwise take years to sort out.”

~Astrologer Steven Forrest

astrological counsel and support

Why are we here?

The art and science of Astrology is ancient. People have been studying the stars and planets, their cycles, and all of their amazing wonders since our very beginnings. For millennia, we have given the heavenly bodies in the sky basic archetypal meanings that mirror our own developing inner psyches. As above, so below. The search for meaning, for why we are here, is vital to living up to our potential and our true heart’s desire. An outside-the-box astrological perspective is a way to see our paths more clearly and make sense of our earthly lives.

The feeling of being ‘lost’ or out of sync, with relationships and careers but ultimately with oneself, is painful and disheartening. It is important to sift through life situations for deeper meaning and lessons.

“Why am I having so much trouble with my mother?” “I feel so unfulfilled in my marriage, why?” “My career feels draining and I want to leave… but then what?” “Is there something else I should be doing?”

These are good questions to ask oneself. The natal chart is like a map that shows the ‘terrain’ or lessons the person is learning- and the good news is it can be deciphered. If we can understand why we are here and what our purpose is, we can consciously step into what will really feed us on the deepest level.

What is blocking you and needs to be let go?

Let us sit down and take a long look into your unique natal chart, which was cast the moment you were born. My approach is simple which involves synthesizing the science of Astrology with intuitive interpretation and bringing that into the moment with you. We’ll go wherever you need to go and use your chart to navigate the journey including shedding light on obstacles as well as highlight your strengths and gifts.

I specialize in, and particularly enjoy, what I call a “Parental Reframe’ session which is looking at the chart of a parent (or partner) in relation to your chart. It can be helpful on our healing journey to have another perspective to see WHY our parents or partner are the way they are and why it is so hard sometimes to get along. What are they trying to tell you or teach you that you may not be aware of?

“Kara is a gifted healer. Her readings are more like therapy and insight. I learned so much about how to work with myself. I will be forever grateful!”

S. W.

scheduling & fees

Fees – Session fee is $120 (contact me about a sliding scale or possible trade)
all sessions are 90 minutes and payment is via Paypal.

Scheduling – To request an appointment, contact me via the information below and provide your name with date, place, and exact time of birth along with your phone number and some available days and times for scheduling. I ask for payment to be completed for the session prior to holding your appointment time. Once I receive this information and payment we can then set up a time to chat briefly by phone to go over the questions or issues you’d like to address and set up the time for our full session.

Session – I typically hold sessions over the phone for maximum privacy, scheduling ease, and travel concerns. Other options for sessions may include local tea shops, your home, the park, or an alternative location in Portland. This can be determined when we chat by phone. All sessions are recorded so that you may revisit the reading whenever you wish.

*I give a $20 referral discount on your next visit for sharing my work to your friends and family who book a reading!*

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If interested in scheduling a reading, feel free to contact me at 503.564.8347 or using the contact form below

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“I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to seek knowledge from astrology during my journey to heal past wounds. My initial view of astrology was that it wasn’t science, but was a form of entertainment. Still, I was curious. During our first session to read my natal chart, Kara could see things in my life that surprised me. It was as if she already knew me on an intimate level! Kara’s perspective on my life shifted something within me – it was a feeling of genuine connection with energy and our universe. It was such an incredible experience and left me wanting more. I met with Kara a couple more times to discuss my parents’ natal charts to “reframe” them, as Kara would say, and “reframe” their impact on my life. Kara’s ability to read the stars and intuit meaning allowed me to see my parents in a different way that benefited me and my healing journey. I will always be grateful!”

M. M.

my personal path

IMG_0471I have studied and applied the ancient art, science and spiritual practice of Astrology for over 15 years. I initially became interested in Astrology as a way to make sense of my past and to heal from trauma. Little did I know that is also became a new way to open up and live life more fully and consciously, as I gained clarity about myself and my mission.

My studies of Astrology began with my longtime beloved friend Edward Hymowitz, an astrologer and elder from New York. He took me under his wing and taught me all he knew before he passed away in 2010. I’ve also had the privilege of studying with Julia Bondi, an astrological counselor and consultant in Ashland OR. She and I have done several readings and personal meetings over the last several years. She is an inspiration for me in terms of how to hold sacred healing space and apply astrological insights to help in people’s personal lives. In September of 2014, I completed a two year apprenticeship course at the Alcyone School for Engaged Astrology taught by local astrologer, author, and healer in the Divine Feminine movement,  Emily Trinkaus. Her continuing heartfelt support, mentorship, and encouragement have been crucial on my path. Other people of influence for me include: Jan Spiller, Sue Thompkins, Judith Hill, Steven Forrest, Robert Hand, and Barbara Hand Clow. 

“I was so excited to meet with Kara and I was not disappointed! It was so interesting to see my chart and learn about the correlations and trends to my waking existence. It was nothing short of an incredible series of personal affirmations, articulation of unspoken concepts, and inspiration for times yet to come. Kara said exact sentences that were coming to me in times of meditation – many parts were so familiar they gave me goosebumps. She was able to focus on different areas of myself and answer my questions. Her delivery and explanation was personable, clear, and truly shows her effort and expertise.”

T. T.

“I treated myself to an astrology reading for my 40th birthday. Kara was recommended to me through the grapevine and I feel like I couldn’t have gotten a better match. She was grounded and compassionate and informative. Her reading was very thorough and not rushed at all. She really explained things in both technical (what was going on planetarily) and layman’s (what that actually would mean for me) terms. I walked away feeling centered and refreshed. Thanks Kara! I’ll be back!”

S. M.

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